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Escape Room in El Paso:
Operation Outbreak

Escape rooms are a game that’s built on teamwork. Teams of two to eight people enter a room and attempt to solve a series and/or combination puzzles in order to discover the secret exit before time runs out. Since this is a race against time, it requires real teamwork and communication in order for the participants to solve the mystery and escape the room before the clock strikes zero.

They are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Unlike haunted houses where the main goal is to frighten guests, our rooms place you and your team in the middle of the action.

Your decisions impact the story. If you’re ready to have the time of your life, choose Operation Outbreak.

the rooms


room #1: Cartel

Deep in the borderland, lies the secret lair of one of the world’s most ruthless cartels. As elite undercover DEA agents, you and your team have infiltrated this deadly organization, gathering critical intelligence to dismantle their operations. But now, your cover has been blown, and the cartel has taken you captive. Trapped in their hideout, you are separated and isolated, and the cartel’s enforcers are on their way back to finish what they started. Your only hope of survival lies in your ability to communicate through hidden messages and navigate the treacherous passages of this nightmarish bunker. Every second brings you closer to a deadly confrontation.

3 to 7

60 minutes

Difficulty: 10/10


room #2: Area 915

Step into the shoes of intrepid space explorers thrust into a high-stakes mission aboard a cutting-edge space station located in the mysterious Area 915, teetering on the brink of chaos.

As the airlocks hiss and flickering emergency lights cast an eerie glow, you and your team must navigate the treacherous aftermath of a devastating alien breach. The once-bustling space station now echoes with ominous silence, broken only by the distant hum of malfunctioning machinery and the occasional otherworldly growl.

Alien creatures, unleashed from their containment, roam freely, and the remnants of the crew’s desperate struggle for survival are scattered throughout the space station. With time ticking away and unlock hidden passages to reach the coveted escape pods.

2 to 6

60 minutes

Difficulty: 8/10


room #3: Temple of Doom

A hired crew of artifact thieves crash land back in the depths of the jungle after a failed attempt to escape with stolen treasure! With a wrecked plane and unsettling feeling that you’ve disturbed the powers of the jungle until the ancient artifact is returned, battle your way back through the jungle and find the hidden Mayan Temple. Only when the artifact is returned to its rightful place and your crew has patched the plane’s communications device back together will you ever have a chance to radio for an emergency evacuation!

2 to 8

60 minutes

Difficulty: 8/10


room #4: Asylum

Morbid State Asylum is not only one of the oldest asylums, but is reportedly one of the most abusive. Rumors say that there have been countless deaths from human experimentation, You have been wrongly committed into the asylum and the doctor has his eyes on you! You and your team must create a diversion and make a run for it!

2 to 6

60 minutes

Difficulty: 10/10


room #5: Last Breath

In the late 2000’s and 2010’s, fear grips the city of El Paso as a serial killer stalks its residents. He has claimed victim after victim and taunts the authorities with cryptic messages, cyphers and menacing phone calls. His latest target is your best friend and he has taken him hostage, he however has given you one last chance to rescue him. Find out where he is located before he takes his last breath.

2 to 8

60 minutes

Difficulty: 9/10


room #6: Burial At Sea

You and your group have traveled back in time to the 1950’s where you are aboard the old Atlantic Express Underwater Train. While you enjoy yourself at the lounge, the alarms go off as there has been a malfunction with the oxygen pumps. You only have 60 minutes to get back to the surface or become permanent passengers on the Atlantic Express Underwater Train and be buried at sea.

2 to 8

60 minutes

Difficulty: 7/10


room #7: Rapture Bank Heist 2.0

You and your crew have been hired by the mob to break into Rapture Bank and steal 5 precious gold bars. Word has gotten out and the police are in route, will you be able to escape before being caught?

2 to 8

60 minutes

Difficulty: 8/10

come & visit

Great for Team Building, Birthdays, Special Occasions, or Just For Fun!

You can play with your co-workers, colleagues, friends or family members. If you’re worried about losing your way while playing the game, don’t fret! When playing at Operation Outbreak, groups will be greeted by a Game Master who will be available to the group throughout the entire game. Your Game Master will provide as many or as few hints as you would like.

Team Building/Corporate

Operation Outbreak is perfect for corporate team building exercises. Since our rooms have microphones and cameras, managers will be able to see how the employees work and interact. This can provide interesting insight on how employees solve problems outside of work.


Although games are becoming more immersive than ever before, nothing can beat the real thing. Operation Outbreak is perfect for gamers who want to put their skills to the test.

Friends & Family

Who says there’s nothing to do in El Paso? Operation Outbreak provides one-of-a-kind experiences friends and family will fondly remember for years to come.

Tourists & Visitors

If you’re visiting the Sun City, why not partake in an exciting, immersive adventure at Operation Outbreak for a truly memorable vacation!

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Operation Outbreak is conveniently located at 4530 Montana Avenue in Downtown El Paso. If  you would like to learn more about what Operation Outbreak has to offer, click through to our frequently asked questions page or contact our team! Ready to book your next adventure? Click through to our “Booking” page to easily schedule your next outing.