History of Breakout Rooms: How a Point-And-Click Video Game Started a Revolution

Escape or breakout rooms as they’re known today got their start as simple point-and-click video games in Japan. “Crimson Room,” the first video game of its kind, was released in 2004. By 2007, the Japanese company SCRAP Entertainment took inspiration from this concept to create a tangible escape room experience. Known as “Real Escape Game,” patrons were faced with the task of solving a mystery and escaping the room they were in within the allotted time. This immersive, exciting experience was a smash hit, quickly taking over Asia and Europe. By 2012, SCRAP Entertainment opened the first escape room in the United States in San Francisco, California. A short three years later, 367 escape room games were registered in the United States. It’s incredible to see something that got its start as a simple online game take over the entire world at such an incredible rate.

How Operation Outbreak Got Started in El Paso

Due to the mystery-solving nature of escape room games, repeat gameplay may not yield the same level of excitement. This is one reason as to why there are so many escape rooms all across the United States. The more escape rooms available, the better. Operation Outbreak is El Paso’s newest escape room and we’re proud to join the family of Southwestern escape rooms. It’s important to recognize the differences between escape rooms and haunted houses. When people go to haunted houses, they expect to get scared and chased down corridors in order to get a spooky Halloween thrill. Although some escape rooms may have frightening aspects, they’re mostly focused on solving problems and mysteries as a team before time runs out.

Escape Rooms Are Here to Stay

Escape rooms have taken hold of the United States. By 2017, there were nearly 1,800 escape rooms all across the country. Since 2015 there’s been a very sharp increase in these types of games and the statistics show no sign of stopping anytime soon. It’s incredible to think that in 2012, there was only one single escape room in the United States. A short five years later, that number increased tremendously. The reason for this staggering growth can be attributed to the simple nature of escape rooms. Unlike haunted houses, which are only open around Halloween or fall, escape rooms are open all year long. With new rooms opening throughout the year, there’s always a new adventure right around the corner.

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Although escape room games are relatively new, they’re here to stay! Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) simply replicate real-world events. Video games merely put you in control. Escape rooms, however, are truly immersive. Nothing quite compares to the deeply engaging nature of escape rooms. If you’re ready to partake in this excitement, choose Operation Outbreak, today!

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