Why Escape Games are Great Team Building Activities in El Paso

Not only are escape rooms great for friends and family, they are the ultimate team building exercise! Operation Outbreak offers a unique experience for businesses of all sizes. Our escape rooms offer a challenging experience that hinges on communication and cooperation. Each team building experience lasts up to 60 minutes. We offer a discounted rate to companies and corporations who want to partake in team building exercises. If you’re looking for the best team building exercise in the El Paso area, choose Operation Outbreak!

The Importance of Team Building

Although employees tend to spend an average of 40 hours out of the week in close quarters, their connection may be lacking. By developing your team’s connection, the business will benefit greatly. Commonly, team building exercises require employees to wear athletic clothing. These exercises also tend to include stretching or close physical contact which may make employees uncomfortable. Instead of putting your employees through an uncomfortable situation, which may do more harm than good, consider escape room games as your team building exercise. Escape rooms require mental aptitude and attention to detail in order to be successful. There’s no need to wear athletic clothing. Your team will use their communication skills to foster trust which will benefit the company as a whole!

Make Your Corporate Event Memorable with Escape Rooms Games

Escape rooms are excellent options for team building exercises for a variety of reasons. The main tenets of team building exercises are communication, trust, and morale. By their very nature, escape rooms require excellent communication skills in order to be solved before time runs out. Employees can also form stronger bonds and increase their trust and morale throughout the 60 minutes. Our escape rooms have cameras and microphones so managers can actually see how their employees work together in order to solve a singular problem. This can help employers identify strengths and weaknesses. There are many benefits that come from choosing an escape room game as a team building exercise. Operation Outbreak is ready to help strengthen your team!

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