Breakout Rooms for the Thanksgiving Holiday

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A group of people partaking in breakout roomsMost families tend to go to the movies after Thanksgiving. But if you’re looking for a way to freshen things up, why not take your family to something truly unique? Breakout rooms are the hottest new thing in entertainment and Operation Outbreak is your #1 choice for fun! In fact, we have extended hours this weekend as well as a special promo code (GOBBLE) so you can book your next adventure with us! But what’s the big deal with breakout rooms? Continue reading to learn more!

Three Different Breakout Rooms: One Goal

When it comes to having fun, people tend to enjoy options that are as immersive as possible. Going to a baseball game or bowling alley are common options for this type of fun. But what if you’re looking for an exciting adventure that puts you in the middle of the action? When you go to the movies, you only sit and watch a big screen. Think you can do better than the characters? Then put yourself (and your family) to the test! Our three escape rooms—Baker Street Mystery, Escape the Undead, and Rapture Bank Heist—are as varied as they are exciting. They all have one goal: to break out before time runs out. You can achieve this with your family after Thanksgiving dinner. The truly immersive nature of breakout rooms is a breath of fresh air in the entertainment realm. If you have any questions about what to expect, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page!

See How Well You Stack Up Against the Clock

Our breakout rooms are chock-full of clues and hints towards the overarching mystery. It’s up to you and your team to bring those clues together, all before time runs out. You’ll be surprised how much can occur in one hour. This is a high-stakes entertainment option that includes every member of the group. No one will get bored because everyone has the ability to participate and move the narrative forward. This is the truest, most immersive way to entertain yourself and your family

Contact Us Today to Learn More About our Extended Holiday Hours!

Operation Outbreak is devoted to providing high-quality fun to El Pasoans, all year long. But we’re well aware of the desperate need for entertainment during the holiday season. For this reason, we have extended our holiday hours! Check out our available hours and remember to use promo code GOBBLE. Your family will remember this night for years to come!

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