Contrary to Popular Belief, There Are Fun Things to Do in El Paso!

 In El Paso, Fun Things to Do in El Paso

a person unlocking a combination lockEl Paso is a curious town. We’re the westernmost city in the state of Texas. El Paso is over 500 miles away from the “hub” that makes up the state’s top five most populous cities. But right behind Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth is the Sun City. Although we’re the sixth most populous city, El Paso feels more like its very own sovereign nation than a part of Texas proper. Even though El Paso’s population is in the high 600,000s, many still see us as a “small town.” Even El Pasoans tend to have a hard time finding interesting and fun things to do in El Paso. With a little bit of digging, however, you’ll be able to easily find memorable experiences in which to partake. Operation Outbreak is one such option!

What To Do When It Feels Like There’s Nothing To Do

El Paso, unlike the top five most populous cities in Texas, is a bona fide desert town. There are no fascinating forests, lush lakes, or beautiful beaches to speak of in the Sun City. Sure, there’s the Rio Grande but it’s dry most of the time (or infested with mosquitoes). Although we do have great hiking trails and beautiful mountain vistas, nature walks aren’t for everyone. So what’s an El Pasoan to do for fun? We’ve got the Chihuahuas stadium but baseball may not be up your alley. Seems like there aren’t too many options, huh? Well, if you’re a fan of digging around for clues and finding solutions, we’ve got a great option for you and your friends to have fun. Operation Outbreak is El Paso’s top-tier escape room. When it comes to fun things to do in El Paso, nothing else comes close to what we have to offer!

Plenty of Rooms, Unlimited Outcomes

What separates escape rooms from other fun things to do in El Paso is the simple unexpected nature of the outcomes. When you go to a baseball game or to the movies, you can almost always expect a similar outcome. Escape rooms, however, rely on the decisions of the group and games can have completely different outcomes, depending on the choices made. Sounds pretty fun, right? Operation Outbreak continuously opens new rooms so veteran escape room participants can experience a new adventure with their friends and family. Give us a call today or schedule your next escape game by clicking through to our Booking page! Remember, our rooms fill up rather quickly so don’t sleep on this! Who says there aren’t any fun things to do in El Paso? Visit Operation Outbreak, today!

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