How Our Breakout Rooms Can Improve Your Halloween

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a group of zombies breaking into a breakout roomSadly, the allure and excitement that used to surround the Halloween season have faded away. Now, adults tend to dress up and go to parties to enjoy Halloween. But what if you long for an exciting adventure that’s actually terrifying? Perhaps you’ve gone on a ghost walk or visited Concordia Cemetery but those options are more passive, they don’t put you right in the middle of the action. If you want something more engrossing, choose El Paso’s best breakout rooms! Operation Outbreak has three incredible rooms to offer. Continue reading to learn more about our breakout rooms!

Much More Than a Haunted House

Breakout rooms are often compared to haunted houses, and it’s understandable why. Both are designed to elicit some sort of reaction from the participants. But where haunted houses are more like very slow, high anxiety roller coaster rides, breakout rooms provide a more personal experience. This is because escape rooms place you in the middle of the action. You’re not simply walking through a building that’s designed to scare you or running away from people wearing masks. When you enter an escape room, you will be required to think critically and work with your team in order to break out in time.

Three Breakout Rooms From Which to Choose

Another great detail about our escape rooms is the simple fact that you can choose from three different options. If you’re looking for a truly terrifying experience, you can opt for our Escape the Undead room. This room puts you and your friends in an abandoned warehouse during a zombie apocalypse. Everyone’s entertained the thought of what they would do in case a zombie outbreak occurred. Now, it’s your turn to see how you’d fare against the undead! Isn’t that much more engaging than simply walking through a haunted house for a rush of adrenaline that won’t last?

If your group is looking for something less zombie-centric, you can choose our Sherlock Holmes-inspired Baker Street Mystery breakout room or if you’d like to experience a high-stakes bank heist, consider our newly-unveiled Rapture Bank Heist. Both provide a high level of excitement and engagement!

There’s Something for Everyone at Operation Outbreak!

Make this year’s Halloween a memorable one and visit Operation Outbreak! Escape rooms aren’t just great for Halloween, they’re also perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday. Our rooms fill up quickly so go through to our Booking page as soon as possible. Before long, you’ll be racing against the clock to break out. Contact us today to learn about our group rates!


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