The Five Personalities that Manifest Within Our Escape Rooms

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The Fourth of July will be upon us in no time. It feels as if, just yesterday, we were celebrating the start of the New Year but now we’re already halfway through with 2019! Independence Day marks the true start of summer. Since the Fourth of July falls on a Thursday this year, why not gather your friends together for an Independence Day escape room game! Operation Outbreak will be open next week (yes, even on the 4th) so you can have fun on your day off. If you’re unsure who to bring along with you for this particular adventure, then continue reading this blog article. Each escape game has a limit of six participants; each participant can embody a specific trait that can help the entire team succeed. Which one do you fit into?

The Leader

Sure, almost everyone sees themselves as the leader in their own heads but when a group is thrown into a particular situation (such as the ones you’ll experience in any one of our escape rooms), one individual will stand up among the rest as the de-facto leader. Which one of your friends or family members tends to take it upon themselves to lead the group whenever no one’s sure about what to do on a Friday night? This person may take the reigns during your escape game in order to lead the entire group to success.

The Quiet One

Quiet people are often the most attentive. They notice oddities that others may simply look over. If you invite your quiet friend to an escape room, they may feel uncomfortable at first but after a few minutes, they may speak up and mention a specific spot that hasn’t been searched yet. Escape rooms have become such popular phenomenon due to the fact that anyone can enjoy them. Even quiet people can stand back and absorb their surroundings. 

The Curious One

Escape rooms are set up to be explored but many people may feel unsure about checking certain spots. Curious people, however, don’t mind looking  and tinkering with things others may look over. This team member will play a vital role in your escape game because they will turn knobs, even if they appear to be fake. Who knows, the curious one may break open the entire room for your team!

The Team Player

Since escape rooms are a group-based activity, it makes sense that everyone will be a team player but you surely have a friend or two who bolster everyone up. They’re always there to follow you in your wildest ideas and adventures. This person will be vastly beneficial in your escape game because they’ll be game for whatever, even if the rest of the team believes this particular idea won’t lead to any results.

The Bold One

Escape rooms are, by their very nature, immersive. Some people, however, may have a hard time focusing and getting into the narrative. The bold ones are ready to give the escape room all they’ve got. In some cases, the bold one and the leader are one singular person but it’s still possible for a team to have one of each. Bold ones may also be gamers who can have become acclimated to certain things such as treasures and quests. They may be able to tell which drawer seems suspicious, and they’ll be able to use their video gaming experience to help your team succeed.

Which One Are You? Find Out at Operation Outbreak!

Do any of the above personalities correspond to you? Did you picture any of your friends when reading those descriptions? Now’s your chance to see if your presumptions are correct. Start a group chat with a few friends and invite them to Operation Outbreak. Before long, you’ll be able to see expresses which personality. Click here to book your next adventure!

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